Creative Director

As the creative director of a startup company, I have gained experience in developing our company’s creative process with our clients, a process that was years in the making and constantly improving to satisfy our client’s needs.

I was lead in putting together all creative documents for the company as well as redesigning the website, showcasing our portfolio, and rebranding the company.

I have also been privileged to work with a wide variety of clients and projects. I have helped over 30 other startups get their feet on the ground by working closely with them to create the user experience and design of their product as well as their brand.

App Raptors's Website


This is my personal favorite out of these three main services I provide. Usually, just starting out, it is mainly creating their logo, finding their colors, choosing their typefaces, designing business cards, letterheads and any other advertisement materials, and laying out a style guide for the company to stick to. It’s all very exciting because this is ultimately how people will see them as a company.

User Interface Design

Unlike many 2d designs like posters or advertisements, UI designs for a website or app has a lot of moving parts and so many more things to consider. My basic background knowledge of HTML and CSS helps me better understand and communicate with developers in developing my designs.

User Experience

Starting off as more of a UI designer, I actually got into UX simply because I was tired of designing for poor UX. It doesn’t matter how good something looks if it doesn’t function well. I had a natural knack for improving UX and have learned a lot through creating project after project and refining the user experiences in apps, websites, and softwares I’ve designed for.

Other artwork

Outside of doing web and app designs, I actually very much enjoy sketching and 2D designs. It almost feels a lot easier because there are a lot less moving parts and what you create is what you get. Here are some other art pieces I’ve done.


One of my first passions was oil painting. Blending colors and imitating real life onto a canvas came easy to me. These are some of my past artworks, some of which had the privilege of being in local art shows and newspapers.

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