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This logo for Reservoirs is made with the Gotham type face to have a very clean geometric look. The Icon of the logo itself is embedded within the word “reservoirs” though the captiol “O” helps makes it stand out. The “O” Icon can be used on its own and it is meant to show the habit reservoir that is


The color pallet is designed to by bright and organic and friendly. The main GroVita color is green and can be used on light or dark neutua color background. The teal is to be used as a secondary color, and it should never be used as a background for the green.

Brand Styleguide









User Experience wireframes

For this project, I created a wireframe packet that outlined the function of all the different elements of the wireframes I created to better illustrate the user experience of the app. The packet allows for all the extra explanation that wireframes and even click-through demos don’t have.

Click below to see a small sample of what one of my wireframe packet looks like.

Sample packet

UI Design Glimpse

For the user interface design, I wanted to give Reservoir a nice, refreshing look that is also very friendly to play and click around. I used blues and greens for the clean, refreshing look and lots of rounded edges to give it a more gamified feel that is unique to this habit building app.

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